The DJ within the STG

At one of our Straight Talking Group (STG) teaching session with MSc students in AAC and AT we got to chat about what people are doing apart from their contributions to teaching and research. It’s been a while now that this was posted but it is always worth revisiting: Georgie works at Hospital Radio Perth – watch the clip to get a glimpse of her work as a key member of the team.
Tay FM Facebook post from 29 May 2019

Georgie is a member of the Straight Talking Group (STG) here the User Centre in Computing, University of Dundee. The group supports both teaching and research and meets regularly to interact with students, lecturers and researchers.

The group also regularly reviews software and hardware for accessibility as part of our consultancy work. If you are interested in the group’s work or even want to become a member (if you are a person who uses AAC), please get in touch with Kathleen Cummins, contact details on our ‘Contact us’ page.