Postgraduate Studies

MSc in Educational Assisitive Technology

This course is primarily for teachers, therapists and technologists who are seeking to develop and enhance their ability to support learners who require AT. It will equip you with the skills, knowledge and working methodology needed to practise as an educational assistive technologist.

You will interact with expert users of AT within our unique User Centre. We also have links with learning environments across the UK and will help you to find suitable situations for practical work.

More information at the University website:

Or contact our Programme Lead, Prof Annalu Waller at MScEduAT@dundee.ac.uk

Undergraduate Studies

As part of Computing degrees and other interdisciplinary degrees we teach the Assistive Technology & AAC course as part of the Research Frontiers module.

Students also get the opportunity from Semester 1 to work with our User Centre participants who include older people and people with a variety of physical and cognitive disabilities such as Aphasia and Cerebral palsy.

PhD Opportunities

The group always welcome inquiries about new PhD projects, please get in touch with Prof Annalu Waller. Here a selection of possible projects:

  • Human-Computer Interaction Project: User Interface Design Challenges in Augmentative and Alternative Communication
  • Human-Computer Interaction Project: Natural Language Processing and Personal Narrative
  • Human-Computer Interaction Project: Eyegaze Interfaces for Communication