Tap and Talk Animation Workshop

During an 8 week workshop with Andrew Low, initiated by Chris Kelly (THAT), the Tap and Talk Aphasia iPad Group have created the following two animation short films about aphasia. The first one “I have Aphasia” is about one minute long and intended to be shown on an iPad other other touch screen device to inform communication partners about the condition and help setting a good scene for communication. The second movie “Aphasia in our own words” gives more insight into what it is like to have aphasia.

Steve Soave documented our work in this “behind the scenes” short:

This workshop was made possible through the work of and funding by the NHS Tayside Healthcare Arts Trust THAT with support of Computing at the School of Science and Engineering, the University of Dundee and the volunteers that donate their time.


The event on the STV News, Dundee, Friday, 14 Oct 2016:

STV Player online: player.stv.tv/summary/stv-news-dundee