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AAC Study Day 2011 with Communication Matters
Tuesday, 14 June 2011, London

Talking About Experience - A practical workshop on using AAC equipment to support Personal Narrative

Following on from the Story Telling Study Day in 2009, this workshop offered an opportunity for teachers, speech and language therapists, parents, family members and carers who work with children and adults who use AAC and/or learning disabilities to engage in the practicalities of using mid- and high-tech AAC devices to support the development and sharing of personal narratives. The event included both, traditional platform presentations and practical workshop sessions.

Presenters: Martine Smith, Nicola Grove, Annalu Waller and Rolf Black.

If you attended the workshop you can download the slides from the morning sessions and some of the crib sheets from the afternoon sessions using the link at the bottom of this page. Please fill in the following survey to help us with our research and improve future workshops (9 questions, please click the "Done" button at the end once you have filled in the answers. If your screen does not show the survey, please follow this link: Many thanks!

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